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To me, love is the most incredible and powerful thing, and being able to capture the love shared between two people is one of my greatest joys in life.

Weddings are absolutely beautiful - not just the perfection of a wedding dress, gorgeous flowers and decor, (although those special details are the icing on the cake.) But all of the special love filled moments are what make it the most beautiful to me. As your wedding photographer, I want to provide you with a stunning collection of captured moments, that you can enjoy remembering and reliving forever!

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Wedding packages include:

-Engagement photo session

-Flash drive of your organized high resolution images which are edited and enhanced to their full potential

-Print release form 

Ready to book!? Here is the breakdown!

Booking your date

Ready to secure your date?! Let's get you on the books! The booking process is done entirely online - contracts, payments, and questionnaires. Once you're ready to secure your date, I will send over the contract + booking fee invoice which is 25% of the total amount of the selected package. Your date will be held for 72 hours without the payment to give you plenty of time to go over the contract and let me know if you have any questions about anything! In the slight chance that you happen to reach out during a busy time (like a multi-wedding weekend + no service) and I'm not able to get back to you within that 72 hour timeframe, don't panic! Your date won't automatically open back up, and I'll follow up with you as soon as possible!



My wedding packages all include an engagement session! I do offer anniversary photos as an alternative option for those who really don't want the engagements, (or already did them) but I highly encourage them! Its a fun and more relaxed opportunity for us all to get together and get to know each other more. Its a great way for couples to get a feel for being in front of my camera together (especially if they haven't had professional photos taken together yet.) 

What to expect during your session: Well, I LOVE natural candid moments, and you can totally CREATE a natural candid moment with just a few prompts! I'll give you plenty of pointers on what to do. My favorite photos to take include: a whole lot of laughter, the blissful seconds right before a kiss, spinning around or walking hand in hand in a sun drenched field, shoulder kisses, getting wrapped up in each others arms, you guys get it! Emotion! Movement! Sometimes extra silliness, sometimes an extra romantic or moody and sultry vibe if that's your thing! The prompts I give can truly work for any couple, and really bring out your personalities + the way you guys interact with each other. That's what its about, capturing YOU. Oh ps. don't worry, I will of course help you get those classic, beautiful portraits of you both looking at the camera and smiling!

Engagement photos are especially great for Save the Dates, your wedding website, and also for displaying as part of your wedding décor! 

Timeline Meeting

The timeline meeting takes place sometime closer to the wedding date. Its a time for us to touch base, and for me to get all of the details and information that may have not been finalized at the time of the consultation. You may have a general timeline/itinerary started with your wedding planner, and if so we will use that to put together a custom timeline specifically for photography coverage. If not, no worries!! We will put the timeline together based on the things you have set times in place for, like your ceremony, and when you want to start dinner with your guests, etc.  

The Wedding!

AHHH when the big day is here! You will spend a decent amount of time with my second shooter and I, and we want to make things as amazing as possible! We will spend a lot of time capturing things just as they happen, and we will also work with you during your portraits, just like your engagement shoot if you do one, giving you some prompts and direction! 

NEVER hesitate to ask us anything throughout the day! We will help you in any way we can additionally.   

get in touch!

Most popular wedding photography package is 8 hours of coverage ($3200) 


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